Learning Strategy

Many growing organizations have a Learning & Development function that has grown with the company.

Maybe a customer training course written in the early days by one of the implementation team. 

It could be an onboarding session that all the new support people take before sitting down to asnwer customer calls. Whatever it's history, is it still fulfilling your needs?

The questions you need to ask are:

  • Are your learners getting what they need from the learning?
  • Is this designed and built to best practice arround Adult Learning?
  • Are you using the best delivery method?
  • How well will the solution scale as your company and your customer base grow?

Let IMPROVing Organizations review your needs and design and implement a strategy that meets them.

Instructional Design

Do you need a course or program created but just don't have the bandwidth in your team?

Do you need an experienced Designer to mentor some junior designers in best practice?

Would it be simpler to outsorce the design and build of your course to an experienced and certified professional and take the presure off your Subject Matter Experts?

Let IMPROVing organizations provide you with jthe short or mong term help you need to get those projects moving so you can get on with running your business


Do you need to create a course that engages your learners and makes sure that they truly meet the learning objectives?

Do you have a live class that needs to be updated to eLearning and rolled out to hundreds or thousands of employees or customers?

Let IMPROVing Organizations combine modern Rapid eLearning development tools with best practice Instructional Design to create eLearning that people really learn from.


See our Programs page for some examples of existing workshops we could tailor to your needs.