As each organization is different, so then each program we create and run will be unique.

Here are just some ideas around which we can build and run a program for you.

Working as a team.

Developing team skills

Improving Organizations created a program for a department in the Financial Services area.

Like so many companies they had gone through a series of changes and as so many of the people were new there was the lack of knowledge about what the people in different teams did and how it contributed towards the goals of the organization.

The program concentrated on  building understanding between people in the various teams to increase trust and promote cross functional teamworking.

Effective presentations

Honing skills for presenters

We have a full day presentation that is designed to tackle the most common areas that presenters want to improve including:

                   Presenting with confidence

                   Vocal Skills and techniques

                   Dealing with questions

                   Powerful Powerpoint

Connecting with Students

Using Accelerated Learning to connect to learners

Improving Organizations created a session to help instructors at a large technical training company learn how better to connect with their students.

The program concentrated on the elements of accelerated learning that an instructor can keep in mind when looking to help their students learn in the way that they do best.

The program covered:

                   Brain structure

                   Learning styles

                   Multiple intelligences

                   Concious and sub-concious learning

Communicating for results

Creating authentic conversations

A program designed around creating authentic conversations.

In this program we focus on listening skills and the combinations of verbal and non-verbal comunication.

For listening skills we concentrate on active listening and the differences between listening and simply waiting for your turn to speak.

We take a look at how body language can either complement or contradict the message in our words.

Innovating for success

Harnessing creativity

In the new economy organizations are seing the vital need to find new ways of doing things as well as new things to do.


The innovation skills workshop concentrates on honing the creativity skills of participants in ways that can build upon existing products and processes as well as discover the new.


Find out just how innovative all your people are.