IMPROVing Organizations is a consultancy that is dedicated to leveraging Learning & Development to help organizations achieve their business goals.

We offer a range of services to supplement your Learning & Development needs as well as a range of Programs and Workshops. The focus in all of these is to help organizations get the most out of their employees. We specialize in working with businesses to improve the communication and team working skills of the people inside of them.

Our approach is drawn from best practices in the Learning & Development Profession, using current tools, technology and theories. Our work is based on modern Adult and Accelerated Learning principles and methods and everything we do is driven by the objectives that you set.

Whether you are simply looking for a program to give your people better presentation or team working skills, need a coach for your managers or executives or you want to take a strategic look at how the your Learning & Development function can better serve your business, we can work with you.

Alan Montague, CPLP created IMPROVing organizations to harness his passion for Workplace Learning and Performance, including creating and delivering great training and to apply the techniques he learned in Improvisation classes to business.

As an active member of the Learning& Development community and a leading member of the Applied Improvisation Network Alan has a network of other talented designers, content creators, facilitators and trainers available to deliver the services and create the learning programs you need.